Children Amblyopia & Strabismus

Children myopia, astigmatism, strabismus or a variety of eye diseases may not be visible easily, eye examination plays an important role to discover, avoid and treat it as soon as possible. Therefore, starting from 3-years-old, children should have regular eye examination. The visual system of newborns is not fully developed. There is only 20%-30% eyesight. When growing up, the visual system will become mature gradually. About 8, our eyes would be fully developed. If there are any problems during the period of eye development, amblyopia may easily form. The causes of amblyopia can be divided into congenital and acquired.



To effectively treat amblyopia, we must first find out the cause:

Excessive deviation of both eyes:

  1. Wear glasses to improve refractive error
  2. Put a mask on the normal eye, so that patients will be used to use the weaker eye to focus until both eyesight are equal.


  1. First diagnose whether it is esotropia or exotropia. Esotropia is commonly known as crossed eyes; exotropia means both eyes or one eye are lateral.
  2. Variety of treatment methods:
  • Wearing glasses
  • Blindfold
  • Eye correction training
  • Eye surgery

However, regardless of the causes of amblyopia, it will take some time for vision correction. The treatment period varies from a few months to several years. Parents and children need to be patiently supportive. In severe cases, surgery is needed.

If children often blinking, squinting or looking sideways, being sensitive to light or easily falling when walking, he/she may be suffering from ametropia or eye disease. Amblyopia can actually be prevented. Children should have regular eye check up to prevent and grasp the golden age of having treatment before eight-year-old. If you suspect your children having amblyopia, please contact the ophthalmologist to receive proper treatment as soon as possible.

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